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8 Reasons why your Generators may Fail to Start

8 Reasons why your Generators may Fail to Start


1: Battery failure: The single most frequent generator failure is related to battery failure. The obvious causes are a flat battery, dead cells, battery acid builds up on the terminals  , a dirty or bad battery clamp connection, a faulty alternator not charging the battery , fan belt not tight and slipping and can cause an engine squeal noise.

2: Ran out of fuel: generator fuel tanks are stationary. Unlike a moving vehicle that has if diesel fuel sloshing around its fuel tank. Generator fuel tanks have no movement so this may cause the fuel to become stagnant and may cause the gauges to stick in a position until they break free. So it may say ½ full but it also could be fully empty

3: Breaker trips: if the generator does not start, you may need to check if the remote emergency power switch has not been accidently switched off, if it keeps tripping you have a problem then you may need to call

4: Controls not in auto: “Not in auto” this is a “human error” the obvious reason being that the main control switch has been left in the off/reset position this mainly occurs when the generator has just been tested or serviced, always check the systems before starting.

5: Low coolant levels:  The most obvious cause for low coolant levels are hose’s that are damaged and leaking,  the radiator is leaking, faulty radiator cap , engine overheating , engine building up pressure and water escaping out the overflow pipe. Look for obvious external water leaks for coolant puddles.

If no obvious external water leaks. You may an internal water leak. Check your oil levels. If your engine is making oil, you will may need to call

6: Low coolant temp alarms: Low coolant temp alarms will let you know that you have lost all of the coolants or the levels are low, check all the hoses and radiator for leaks. Refer to item 5

7: High fuel level alarms: The alarm should activate when the fuel tank reaches between 90 and 95 percent capacity. This lets the person fueling the tank know when they should stop filling. There is normally nothing wrong with the generator when this alarm activates. On rare occasions, the external temperature can cause expansion of the fuel will cause the alarm to activate. This will usually occur on an extremely hot summer day

8: Air in the fuel system: Is caused by air  leaking into the fuel lines or from the tank. Check fuel lines for pin holes, check where the fuel line connects to the injector or injector pump for fuel leaks also check all seals around the fuel filters.Low fuel can also cause the lift pump to suck fuel and air, faulty lift pumps,  cracked diaphragm can pump air into the fuel lines