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PERKINS PARTS AUSTRALIA +++over 30,000 parts


Cracked Flange liners

Cracked Flange liners

When a sleeve is installed into a cast iron cylinder block, the process is fairly simple and effective

As the engine operates under normal conditions, the Liner transfers heat from the cylinder into the engine’s block. Coolant is circulated through the engine block and surrounds the cylinders to effectively removes heat from the installed sleeve.

different reason that can cause a liner flange to crack.

Too much force pressing in the liner

Counter bore recess not square

Burr left from cutting or machining counter bore

Dirt left under flange - not cleaned properly


Liner flange fractures can go unnoticed when the liner pressed into place, however, if the liner body is Pulled down the cylinder, the result could be catastrophic.

Cast iron liners can fracture if mishandled and especially when dropped.