PERKINS PARTS AUSTRALIA +++over 30,000 parts
PERKINS PARTS AUSTRALIA +++over 30,000 parts


NEW Range – 1100D Top and Bottom Gasket and Seal Kits

NEW Range – 1100D Top and Bottom Gasket and Seal Kits

Perkins is pleased to announce the introduction of a new comprehensive range of top and bottom gasket and seal kits, for the 1104D & 1106D engine ranges, enabling you to quickly identify and supply a high value solution to the end customer.
Why gasket & seal kits?
Modern engines now have a limited number of soft gaskets, which have been replaced with metal gaskets, rubber seals and O rings. We have, therefore, taken this opportunity to extend the content of our kits to include gaskets, seals, O rings, and required hardware (clips, bolts, etc.) to ensure you have all the parts needed to rebuild the engine.
Front and rear end oil seals have also been added to bottom gasket kits
 Kit contents cover all your gasket and seal needs
 Includes all required gaskets seals and hardware,
 Comprehensive range covering > 98% of all engines
 All parts are to the latest OE specification.

1104D Top gasket and seal kit


Cylinder head gasket, rocker cover gasket, exhaust manifold gasket, valve stem seals, injector O rings and washers, induction gaskets, plus many O rings.